Are you tired of slow or no internet?

Help bring strong, reliable broadband to your community.

Why should you participate?

The test helps Kansas Office of Broadband Development (KOBD) understand the quality of broadband or internet service in your home compared to what you are currently paying for.

"Access to high-speed internet in today’s economy isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity" - Governor Laura Kelly


Best practices when taking the test


Provide your physical address and other details to help the broadband office better understand your situation. Your data is secure and will only be used for planning purposes.


Take the test once per day for a week from your home for accurate results. An email reminder is available to help you remember to take the test.


Conduct the test from your laptop, computer, or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Do not use your cellular network or hotspot for the test.

Optimal Conditions

Ensure no one in your household is watching videos, gaming, or on a video call during the test for best results.


Identify areas that are unserved and underserved


Take multiple speed tests within a single click


Gain holistic insights beyond speed measurements


Build reliable, affordable access to internet for Kansas

Survey Goals

Gather data about internet connections for future internet investments

About 20 questions that can be taken in smaller portions with the speed test (recommended) or as a standalone survey.

Sharing plan data from the internet service bill is encouraged: cost, promised service levels (e.g., 25/3 Mbps), connection type (fiber, cable, wireless) etc.

Demographic information is requested to assess the adequacy of the current service based on the number of users and their usage patterns.